Our Children To Leaders Foundation

We are a team dedicated to working with kids so that they can be strong leaders in the years to come. Our approach is a rather simple one. We strongly believe that kids should remain kids. Their childhood is a great opportunity to learn and the best way to absorb is through experiential learning.


Try our School Quiz Prep to get a feel for how we ensure that new information is learned in a fun manner.


There are some of us who have a keen inclination towards Home Schooling. This is a very effective and a holistic approach to provide an all-round education to children. Our articles and guides are the best places to get started.


As much as we try to ignore, Bullying remains a tough part of kids today. Maybe it always has been but the social media world makes it all pervasive around kids. Our ebook on Bullying has some really effective approaches that parents can adopt for their kids.


The Leadership Program for kids has a series of articles that parents and teachers can refer. Adopt the tips, and share some useful ones with us too.


If you’d like to pass on information that other parents and kids can benefit from let us know. You can connect with us through our mailing list below.


Innovative Methods

Our approach is experiential. We believe quizzing in a fun way helps retain the content.

All Round Learning

We provide learning in a wide variety of topics including mathematics, spelling, objects, and more.

Designed to win

By practicing here, the kids become super champs at their school quiz contest.